Csound Haiku comprises a suite of nine generative Csound pieces and a book with nine pages of designs, each page relating to a different piece. A piece is started by turning to its page in the book. Pieces are 'performed' in realtime by the computer, random number generators are seeded by a time reading from the computer's system clock so that each performance will be slightly different. All sounds are synthesized, no sound samples are used.

The remit imposed was to compose in as concise and pared down a fashion as possible, both in terms of musical structures emoplyed and in terms of the amount of Csound code used to achieve this. Most of the code used in each piece is included in each design. The aim of the artwork is to attempt to take a step back from digital representation and storage of information with its inherent lack of texture and imperfection, whilst still retaining a connection to the technological origins of this piece and imparting an added layer of understanding about each piece.

Below are the nine pieces of Csound code used in creating this piece.

I.csd II.csd III.csd IV.csd V.csd VI.csd VII.csd VIII.csd IX.csd